Friday, October 06, 2006

5 Links For You

Ok, so I've been meaning to do a good post for a while now. Unfortunately, I don't consider this the post I've been meaning to do. That doesn't mean it's not good, it just means that (hopefully) more good posts will be coming your way. Instead of allowing my lack of planning time for the posts I want to do stand in my way, I've decided to pause those for the time being and make other posts that can be made with less time and planning.

In the past couple of days I have stumbled across a number of great new sites. So, I thought I'd send a few your way. If you're wondering how I find these sites, I can't remember how I got to each one, but they were probably found through one of the blogs that I read. If you want a list, just head on over to my page and check out the stuff I have tagged with "blog."

  • The Chief Happiness Officer
    A blog that seems determined to prove that not all work is bad. I really like the idea behind this blog since I firmly believe that work does not have to be a four-letter word and that it's up to all of us to take responsibility for our own happiness and to try to bring happiness to those around us. I look forward to reading more posts. (If this isn't really your cup of tea, you still MUST check out his post on 10 seeeeeriosly cool workplaces!)

  • One Minute How-To
    This is a collection of podcasts which challenges people to submit one-minute instructions on pretty much anything. I haven't actually listened to any yet since I can't really justify this as a work activity and hubby is currently studying at the computer next to me (and I'm too lazy to dig out headphones and plug them in to my computer), but I'm sure there's some good stuff here. The one about letting go of things your sentimentally attached to is done by one of the organizing bloggers that I enjoy reading (and that's how I found this website).

    This one I also found through the above mentioned organizing blogger. However, it wasn't a post, it was an ad. It looks like a pretty cool site. You can even sketch your own closet in if it has odd dimensions. I love looking at different organizing type things so I imagine I'll be coming back to this site for inspiration as I need it. I might even order something eventually (if I ever make up my mind).

  • 5ives
    If you are even remotely dabbling into the blogosphere in the realms of personal development or organization, you will undoubtably come across the name Merlin Mann sooner or later. While I do not read his 43Folders site, I've known about him and his expertise in the field of personal development for quite some time. I did not, however, know about his 5ives site until quite recently. The site has updates about every two weeks. Each post is a short and humourous list of 5 things. Quite entertaining!

  • Colour Palette Generator
    Last, but not least, I have a little gimmicky tool. I'm kind of a sucker for these sorts of things. I really should go find a more appropriate tag in other than "Tool" to describe these kinds of sites. Basically what this site does is break down the colours in any picture that you load onto the website. The picture has to have a URL, but with all the free photo hosting places, it shouldn't be hard to get the colour palatte of any digital image. It gives you the colour number so you could use it to buy paint in a colour scheme of a particularly inspiring picture. I'm sure you could use those numbers to get the colour scheme for a website though. I think I'll be using it to pick different colours for my blog (eventually).


Kim said...

Alright, I checked out some of the websites you suggested and they were pretty cool. Those workspaces were wicked and now I want to go and work for Pixar!! The closet one was neat too, but I would never buy a closet organizer from them because they're expensive! The colour palette generator was neat too.

Anonymous said...

Check out this site Speedy Closet Organizers. The closet cabinets come pre-assembled, the shelves are thicker, they don't use particle board and the system is floor based (no heavy hanging).

Jenn said...

Thanks for the link! That company also looks pretty promising for closet organization. Now that it's spring, I'm getting a bit of an organizing mojo flowing again so I might see about budgeting for some closet upgrades.