Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yay Post!

So, I've been inspired by Dynamite Dianne over at Hellooooo World (see the sidebar which may, or may not, be at the bottom of the page right now) and her recent Yay! post to do my own Yay! post. My day is going a bit drearily so far, so I'm hoping this will cheer me up a bit. So, here are my Yays!

-free tickets to a BC Lions game tonight!
-getting chauffered to work by my wonderful husband!
-delicious leftover black bean soup for lunch (among other delicious lunch things I have yet to enjoy).
-working with my favourite co-worker. We work well together and I don't feel bad asking her my plethora of questions.
-wearing jeans to work for a change (technically we don't really have a dress 'code' but we also don't have 'casual day' either)
-lots of fun stuff planned for tomorrow: kickboxing, Metrotown (I can't spend but I can browse for 20 minutes while Lance gets his haircut), townhouse get together, DnD with the guys
-my palm pilot did not suffer a major melt-down so I did not lose all the information on it. Almost, but not quite.

So, there are my Yays! I do feel a bit better about my day now. Especially thinking about the food actually.

BTW, I've heard that comments are being a bit wonky, so if you've got something important you want me to know, you can always email me about it.


Kim said...

I'm BACK BABY! I upgraded to beta blogger so hopefully this comment will actually work! Anyway, good Yay list. Have fun window-shopping at Metrotown. PS: Why does Lance go all the way to Metrotown to get his hair cut?

Dynamitedianne said...

now that I'm upgraded too... happy belated birthday!

Jenn said...

Thanks Dianne!

Kim - Lance gets his haircut in Metrotown because he found a stylist there that actually seems to know what to do with his hair. Once you've found something that works, you don't really want to switch. Anyway, we didn't end up going to Metrotown afterall, but that's ok. We'll probably go next weekend.