Tuesday, September 26, 2006

C'est Fini!

Well, we put the final strokes of paint on our garage painting project tonight and boy did it feel good!

In the end, we did only one coat on the floor and two on the walls. We decided this after reading the directions on the floor paint and seeing how often they mentioned that we'll need to do maintenance and touch ups. If we'll need to touch up almost every year, why put in extra hours for an extra coat? Especially when they only recommend it if it's absolutely necessary. So, I did some spot touch ups while Lance started cutting in on the second coat on the wall.

Our first coat of wall paint was stark white. We worked the paint into every nook and cranny possible because it looked terrible if we just coated over it leaving the little holes, etc. The second coat, a buff kinda colour, went on overtop without quite so much attention to the holes. But, it still looks fabulous.

The best part of working on it tonight was when a random guy was walking by, stopped in his tracks and exclaimed what a great job we did. He even came in to take a look because he's planning on doing something similar. He just kept saying what an awesome job we were doing. It felt pretty darn good to be complemented by someone who is a complete stranger. That really gave us the energy to finish it off.

The next step is going to be to put together our fitness area in the back. All the equipment is there already, but the new (used) home gym needs to be properly assembled, the tv and treadmill plugged in, speakers and x-box brought back down, and the mats wiped down and reassembled on the floor. Not to mention all the small miscellaneous equipment that needs to find a home somewhere alongside all of this. But, all of that is going to be easy compared with the mammoth garage painting project.

Sorry no pictures. I need to upgrade my Flickr account to a pro one. Then you'll even start seeing some actual picture organization in there too. But, that's something to come in October.

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Kim said...

Congrats on finishing the job! Can't wait to see it one day. But here's a question . . . how do a TV and XBox fit into a "fitness area?" Hehehehehehe