Monday, August 14, 2006

Blogging Inspiration

So, the more hooked I get on reading various blogs (see my links on the sidebar) the more I feel inspired to work on my own AND the more I feel guilty for not updating as much as I could.  As one of my new found bloggers had a post about something is always better than nothing, so here goes with trying to post more frequently.

One of the things I like best about the blogs I've been finding is that they have focussed topics.  This means, when I click on them to see what's new, I know what it's going to be about generally.  Some of their posts aren't really relevant to me, so I just skip it.  The best ones, usually break up their topics even further into categories.  So, you can see in the header what the post relates to (Lifehacker even has some categories, like "Download of the Day" or "Ask the Readers" in the post title, so checking on RSS feeds is even easier) or, if they have the categories indexed and their posts sorted, you can see a list of posts that all fit in one category. 

It's generally pretty neat stuff, and I'd love to learn how to add more customization stuff to my blog.  But, if I'm going to have categories, I'd need to first figure out what I post about.  So, what are some ideas for categories of posts?  I know I have very few readers, but this is also for my benefit, to spur on my own thinking.

I've posted in the past about  my psoriasis, so that is naturally one category I can continue with.  I also often post about the books I am currently reading, so book reviews would be another category.  What else though?  I'm thinking about a general, "what I did today/this week/etc." category, for those who read the blog to see what I've been up to.  I also think I'm going to start making more posts that are specifically about the neat links I find.  I find a lot of cool stuff, and I feel like I could share it a bit more than I currently do.  Plus, a lot of the stuff I've found is via other blogs that do the same thing.  I love getting a cool website or idea from blogs, so I should try to share the love a bit too.

I've seen other blogs include polls in their sidebars.  I thought that was kinda cool at first, but didn't know what I'd create a poll about.  So, I probably won't be doing that. 

Several blogs that I visit that are similar to my own sometimes have links to blog quizes, surveys, etc.  I mention it because the blogs are similar to mine, but, I usually really hate those things.  I very rarely read them and they are usually just variations on a theme.  But, if people like getting them and reading them, then I might start more on my own page.  This will depend largely on feedback though, and I don't get very much of that in general. 

Which brings me to the topic of comments.  One blogger said that comments help create a sense of community.  Many of my comments come from people I see in real life, so I haven't always felt the need to follow-up online.  But, I realize that this probably discourages other people from commenting as well.  Bad Jenn!  So, one of my blogging resolutions will be to respond to comments.  I think I'll do some of that today.  Afterall, something is always better than nothing.


Kim said...

Sounds like a good resolution - blog more, not less! Hehehehe . . . You could also post about what the first year of married life is like. You know several people getting married, or who are recently married, who may want to share in your experiences. Particularly since you and the hubby are so in tune with each other and seem to be really good communicators. That's just my two-cents worth ;-)

Jenn said...

Hmmm, that's not a bad idea. Maybe a newlywed/relationship advice aspect would be a good idea. I've got to make a note of this in my google notebook.