Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Is the full moon early?

Oy, strange afternoon at work.  We had some training today and we plan it for a quiet time of the day.  However, today, we got crazy busy!  So we ended up having to reschedule.  Not that I mind though!  The training guy buys us dinner and I get paid for coming in an hour early, so I just got paid to eat dinner!
But, that's not where the craziness ends!  We also had a couple more unusual situations with customers.  Plus, the crazy super-picky customer!  I'm usually a pretty patient person.  I mean, I've taught kids who had behaviour issues and very rarely lost my temper.  With this lady, she drives me to my breaking point within moments!  She asks every question imaginable.  She reads all of the fine print and asks technical questions about it.  Plus, she then tries to tell you how it should be and makes you explain why it isn't the way it works in her head.  Luckily for me, my co-worker got to deal with her instead.
And, I still have over 2 hours to go!


Kim said...

So, did the craziness end after you posted? Was posting the solution to the craziness?

Jenn said...

Well, it did actually die down a bit after that. But then the bus home was packed, which is also very odd for that time of evening.