Monday, July 10, 2006


In general, the return of 80's culture is something that saddens me.  The fashion trends of the 80's I find quite cringe-worthy.  However, there are a few 80's cultural comebacks that I'm quite happy about.  One, is the transformers movie that is currently in the works.  The other, is this.  I'll make you click to find out what it is!


Kim said...

Oh My God! That is so wickedly cool! I MUST BORROW IT FROM YOU :) Seriously though, are you going to buy it?

Dynamitedianne said...

Ah, memories! (... of my every afternoon after school!)

That's awesome :)

Kim said...

I added a display picture to my blog. I hope it shows up properly 'cause I think it's funny :-) So, have you placed your order for this 80's memoribilia yet?