Monday, May 08, 2006


In a very exciting development here at the ESL school, our nametags have arrived!

Ok, all sarcasm aside, we now have to wear nametags when we are at work. I don't really have too much of a problem with this, as I keep a sweater at work, and will probably just leave it on there permanently. But, some people will have a big problem with it.

Plus, even though the list that got sent had teachers names as they wanted them to appear, the person who printed them checked the official records and put the person's full first name. So, it kinda sucks to be one of those people.

The only slight issue I have with mine is that my unofficial title "Kim's little sister" got left off :(

In other work news, our key to the furnace/air conditioning room got taken away, so my office will now be plunged permanently into arctic conditions (as I type this I'm wearing a t-shirt plus 2 thick sweaters, and I'm still cold!). While the rest of the lower mainland is incorporating sandals, capris, and spring blouses into their work wardrobe, I may need to bring some gloves to work.


Kim said...

Hey, those name tags are a lovely innovation! I love having mine on me all day! I only wish mine said Kim, and then in smaller letters underneath, NOT Christine. Hahahahahahahahahahaha *snort*

Kim said...

And in an even more exciting development, we now have strings to wear our nametags on, so no more nametags hanging off our clothes! Woot woot!