Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mostly More Computer Things

I had a brainstorm yesterday that if I brought in a set of headphones, I could stream some radio over my computer while I worked. That might help the boredom factor a bit while I'm here. However, I brought headphones today, but still could get no sound out of my computer. I don't really want to waste more time playing around with it right now (I'd rather waste time by updating my blog), so I'll just have to live with the background of traffic, students, and teachers for now.

I discovered a way to get myself into the Yahoo Mail Beta program. So far, I'll agree that it does seem very slow. However, I figure that may be because there are too many of us getting onto the beta. Plus, Yahoo has never been known for its lightning fast speeds anyway. I like the new user interface. It'll let me sort through my mail with fewer screen reloads and less going back to the root mail page. So, for this, I like it! Plus, I still can't get Gmail to work properly at my other office and I've been using Yahoo forever, so it's the address that everyone knows! (Unfortunately, that includes spammers too!)

Finally, the sun run results are in now! My official time was 1:04:39 and Lance beat me by one minute and nine seconds. I'm really excited that I got such a good time! Lance is already planning for us to run the Canada day 10 k. Not sure where exactly they run or the registration deadline, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. As soon as the fleet feet pictures are up, I'll try to post a link to them too. But, I know that won't be before Friday.

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