Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Book Review: Women Who Think Too Much

I always like to try to balance my fiction reading with some non-fiction books. Lately, with so much going on, I've found my thoughts running away from me and it's been a bit overwhelming. So, I picked up this book from the library, hoping it might help.

Essentially, the book can be boiled down to a few pages of strategy with a whole lot of filler in between. I imagine it may be more useful for someone who hasn't done as much thinking about themselves as I have (ironically enough, the book wants you to think enough to realize you're thinking too much, and then stop).

Anyway, the first big chunk of the book explains what overthinking is and why it's wrong. I already know about it and I know it's wrong, hence why I picked up the book. So, I'm not quite sure why the author wanted to justify the book so much at the beginning. I skipped or skimmed large chunks of it.

The second section is devoted to strategies for stopping the cycle. Each and every strategy is presented with at least one personal story. Each and every story is presented in the EXACT SAME WAY! It's gets old fast! I also found that when I'm trying to forget all my negative thoughts, what I don't need are a lot of examples of negative thoughts that I can identify with. So, the stories I mostly skipped.

The only useful thing about the book, was that she did do a brief summary of each strategy that filled only a couple of pages. I don't know why she bothered to publish a whole book, when a little pamphlet would have carried all the useful information that was in the book.

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