Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bran Blog

Ok, so here is the definitive comparison of the three
bran cereals. Now, they all taste like bran. There
wasn't much different in flavour at all. However, in
appearance and texture they varied a bit. Enough that
I can distinguish them.

All Bran - This is probably the one with the most
brand recognition. It looks like little brown logs
that are slightly irregular in shape. Small twigs or
sticks would be a good comparison. When liquid is
added, it almost immediately turns to mush. The
texture while eating is very soft and mushy. Too soft
and mushy for my tastes (and this is coming from
someone who LIKES soggy toast). I tried it with milk
and juice and they both had the same effect.

100% Bran - This bran cereal is quite similar to All
Bran, but is manufactured by Post. The bits are
smaller and more evenly shaped. In fact, it bears
striking resemblance to mouse droppings. Unpleasant
visuals aside, when liquid is added, the mushification
isn't instantaneous. It seems to hold its shape for
longer. However, when a spoon is added to scoop some
into a hungry mouth, the shape disintegrates a bit
more. When eating it, some of the original shape can
still be felt. It is firmer than All Bran, but still
reverts to mush when left for long enough. I've also
tried this one with milk and juice and they both had
the same effect.

Safeway Bran - This was the first cereal I tried due
to cost reasons. It is my favourite. It looks quite
similar to All Bran except that it seems to be drier
and more brittle. Perhaps a bit more jagged as well.
Perhaps this dessicated state is what helps it
maintain a firmer texture and shape when liquid is
applied. Now, I'm not saying that this cereal doesn't
turn to mush. Because it does. However, the speed
and extent to which it mushes is slower and less
pronounced than the other two. Not by much, but
enough for me to notice. It's one downfall is the
brittleness causes quite a few more crumbs to break
off. So the end of the box can be quite a bit
mushier. But, I'm going to return to my generic brand
as soon as possible.

Actually, you may see a follow up post to this one.
You see, I plan on purchasing cereal tomorrow. But,
I'm going to a different store. So, if they have a
different brand of cereal available, I may try that
one too. Just to say I've tried them. I also have
been pondering a change to my current cereal mix of
bran with 10 mini-wheats on top. I was thinking about
trying Kashi again. I'll have to take a look and do
some nutritional comparisons first, of course. But,
I'm always on the lookout for another breakfast food

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Kim said...

Is mushification a real word?