Saturday, December 03, 2005

Busy Season

And so the busy season has begun. I've been quite
busy lately, so here's a summary of what I've been up

I found a wedding dress! I'm quite excited about it
since it's got the feel I was looking for. But, it's
going to take 3 months to get here and then more time
for alterations! Yikes! It's cutting it a bit close
to the wedding day. But, I'm sure it'll turn out
fine. It has opened up a host of other wedding
related decisions that must be made . . . shoes,
hairstyle, makeup, bridesmaid dresses, etc. My new
fitness goal is stay the same size as I was on the day
my measurements were taken!

My running shoes are meeting my approval. I've
adjusted to the different feel of them. I am getting
a bit of rubbing on one of my feet. But I think that
a bit more time to adjust, and ensuring my socks
aren't bunched will help out in that regard.

My email program has been acting up lately. I've been
getting emails hours, and sometimes days after they
were originally sent. So, if you feel upset that I
haven't responded to something you've written, it's
likely I haven't gotten it yet. My gmail account is
receiving everything, but having problems sending
things out. So, I switched my "reply-to" option in
Yahoo to show my gmail account. So, I send from
Yahoo, you reply, and it goes to gmail. It has caused
Yahoo to start prompting me with those security
screens where you need to type in the distorted
letters and numbers in the box. It's quite
convoluted, but it's the easiest solution I could
think of for the time being. The other option is for
me to actually pick up the phone once in a while and
actually talk to people.

I'm currently reading Bridget Jones' Diary and I find
I'm picking up a bit of her writing/thinking/talking
style. So, if this post sounds a bit British, that is
the reason why. I really enjoyed reading Wildly
Sophisticated! I highly recommend it to people
looking for career direction. It could even be useful
to men (you'll have to ignore the bits that are female
specific . . . unless you like to wear pumps to work
and are looking for the perfect handbag to match your
career persona). I might do a more thorough review
later today, because so far we are incredibly slow at
work today.

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