Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I know that everyone has a romantic sort of notion
about snow in winter time. However, these people must
not have to walk through piles of slushy snow and icy
water to get to and from work.

Yup, we got snow last night. So now we begin the
season of wet, cold appendages, staticy hair, and icy

Not that I don't love the season. I adore Christmas!
I think one of the reasons it's so great is that it
distracts us from the dreary weather of the season. I
also love snow . . . when it's on the mountain where I
can ski through it.

I am very excited to have gotten new runners
(finally). And these aren't just multi-purpose
sneakers that are good for a variety of things. These
are specifically designed for running. So, my old
everyday runners, that were beginning to smell, are
getting thrown away. My old exercise runners, that
are still in ok shape if you're just walking around,
are getting demoted to everyday runners. And I get to
try out the new running shoes tonight on the
treadmill. I'm so excited! New exercise things!

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