Wednesday, October 12, 2005

7 things . . .

7 things...
7 things I plan to do before I die
Gee, only 7 things? I've got a list going of over 100, but I'll pick 7 that spring to mind.
- walk on the Great Wall of China
- be a published author
- go skydiving
- learn Japanese
- live in a foreign country for 6 months-1 year
- learn to create computer programs
- learn a martial art

7 things I can do
- fix/assemble things
- run 5 miles in an hour
- teach
- make rouladen
- solve puzzles
- make people laugh with amusement or sigh with frustration
- raise each eyebrow independently of the other

7 things I cannot do
- put one arm over my shoulder and one arm under my shoulder and touch my hands behind my back
- grow things (although that won't stop me from trying)
- drink beer or coffee without making a face
- pick/decide things
- eat fish
- see those magic eye pictures
- take the time to blowdry my hair

7 things that attract me to another person
- intelligence
- diversity of interests
- sense of humour
- physical appearance
- ability to communicate well
- level of geekiness
- willingness to put up with me

7 celebrity crushes
- Ted Raimi
- Colin Firth
- Clarence Gilyard Jr.
- Ewan McGregor
- Heath Ledger
- John Corbett
- Michael Hurst (ok, not really, but I wanna see how many people actually know who he is!)

7 Things I say the most
(this one is bound to change over time . . . here is the current list)
- I could go either way
- Cool
- Ok
- Hi there!
- Kaizuko (this is the Japanese word for pirate)
- ari (Japanese for thanks)
- what do you think?

7 bloggers I am tagging: (if I tag you, that means you absolutely must copy and paste this into your blog with your own answers.)
- anyone who reads this

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